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Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Chinedu Osondu Oko
Written by Chinedu Osondu
top 10 programming languages to learn 2022

Are you a newbie to programming or a veteran in the scintillating, very interesting and exquisite art of programming or development? It could also be tedious, herculean and head banging, but nevertheless it’s a job for the very elite the human race has to offer. Ok that’s a joke. But again… Alright to serious stuff. In this article, I would like to take you through the Top 10 programming languages to learn in 2022. I believe they are the most important ammunitions in the armoury of any programmer in the current times we are in.

According to Wikipedia there are about 700 programming languages in the world. That’s a ton to choose from; but which of these are actually beneficial to the seasoned or newbie programmer or developer based on the current trends in the technological world? Out of the many that may fall into that category of being useful in the current technological dispensation, I’ve been able to select about 10 of them, which I believe cover the spectrum of programming and development jobs needed in the technological field today and in the near future. I selected these 10 languages based on their popularity, versatility and robustness.

10. Matlab

Matlab which means Matrix labouratory, is a multi-paradigm numerical computing software and a proprietary programming language developed by Mathworks. It is used majorly by those in Engineering, Sciences and Economics. Why did I select it to be amongst the Top 10 programming languages to learn in 2022? Cause, it is one of the best programming languages out there for mathematical computations, and representation of data. It is also very useful in data analysis, statistical analysis and machine learning, using its toolboxes. The software has good toolboxes for simulation of model-based designs and embedded systems. It could even be used to create Desktop Apps to limited degree. 

So as can be seen, it is very vast in what it can do. There is a catch though; the software and programming language is not open source. You have to pay to get it, which actually, can be a detractor. But it has an open source equivalent, Octave, which does exactly what it does, with the exception of a few functions, and the syntax is not exactly the same in all circumstances. But let that not deter you, if you are an Engineer, a Scientist or and Economist, you would most likely need to learn this language and Software, and considering the things it can do, I don’t think you would regret it. 

I believe the company also offers discount to students.

9. Php

If you have a browser either on your mobile phone or computer, chances are that you’ve used it to visit a website that was programmed using Php (Hypertext Processor). About 78% of websites currently are powered by it. That means it has almost the whole market wrapped around it’s finger. This makes it a very important tool in ones programming toolbox, if one would want to be a seasoned and well sort after web developer. 

There are some drawbacks though. It can be a very annoying language to learn as the syntax makes it easy to learn many bad programming practices and coding principles, that you would most likely never use in other more established programming languages. This also makes the code that comes from it not really nice. But, haven been made primarily for the web it integrates well with HTML (the markup language used for designing the frontend of all websites), and is kind of fast. 

I believe that despite it’s short comings it should still be learned, as a lot of websites run on it. Besides, the most popular Content Management Systems(CMS) like WordPress are built using Php, and if you want to be proficient in them, it’s best to learn it.

8. Swift

If you have an interest in being an IOS mobile developer, this should be your language of choice for app development, as it is the main language currently pushed by Apple for the development of IOS apps. 

It is a modern programming language which takes ideas from Objective-C, Rust, Haskell, Ruby, Python, C#, and many other already established programming languages, and as such, it garners a lot of good stuff from these very good and established languages. Swift is loved by a lot of developers, which owes a lot to the fact that it is relatively easy to learn and is great in it’s usage. This language should definitely be looked into.

7. R

Like Matlab, R is both a programming language and an environment for statistical computing and graphics. Since it can perform so much statistical functions it is one of the most utilized languages in statistical analysis, data analysis, data analytics and also very much utilized in machine learning. It is also very extensible as developers can write their own software and distribute it in the form of add-ons. Another wonderful thing about it, is that it is free, unlike Matlab. It is also easy to learn and pick up. So if you are a statistician or a data analyst it is very important to pick this language up, into your toolset.

6. Dart

Dart, is a programming language developed by Google. It has been overlooked a lot in the past, but recently things have begun to change, and it has started gaining more popularity owing to the fact that it is the main programming language utilized by flutter. 

Flutter is the framework also developed by Google for mobile cross platform app development, which has been disrupting the market of late. From its radical advancement and acceptance in recent years, it may soon become the main framework of choice for cross-platform app development. Dart is also quite easy to pick up, especially if you have used any other Object Oriented programming (OOP) language before. These make it a language one should look into especially if you would like to build cross platform mobile applications.

5. C/C++

No they are not one language the two is not one but two… Ok seriously, the reason behind putting them together is because though they are two separate languages they’re basically usually utilized under the same scenarios and C++ is basically a modified C, hence the ++. 

Now to what they do, though the right thing to say is what don’t they do? These programming languages can be used in virtually all programming fields, from System programming to Embedded Systems, to machine learning, to gaming, to web development, you name it. The only reason it is not as popular as it used to be, is because it has a steep learning curve. But it is always advisable to learn any of the two, for it gives one great depth in understanding the principles behind programming.

4. C#

The language developed by Microsoft they thought would be the replacement to Java. Though it has not replaced Java and may never really, it has become a powerful programming language in it’s own right. 

It  improved many issues Java had, and is the go-to language of many Enterprise Leading Companies. This makes it very important to learn if one hopes to work with one of the Big Players. It can also be utilized in a very wide array of fields, from Web development using ASP.NET, to Mobile Cross-platform app development, to gaming, to Desktop Apps. And it has one of the best IDEs in the market- Visual Studio.

3. Java

The guy that C# was to replace, at least according to Microsoft; is still one of the relevant programming languages of our time. It’s relevance owes to two factors majorly, namely: it is the main programming language used for Android app development and was one of the main programming languages that was and is still very easy to use for Cross-platform Desktop applications. 

But beyond these, it still is utilized for some games, and for web development. Even some use it for machine learning. So it’s a versatile and still very valid language to learn now.

2. Javascript

Another language not very much liked by a lot of programmers, but unlike Php which can very much be avoided, if you must build a quality modern looking website, this language is unavoidable. And no, it’s not related to Java, just having a similar name. 

It is used both in the front end, and by some also at the back-end. Hate it or love it, if you are going to become a web developer, you are going to have to learn it. It has some good frameworks though which try to make utilizing it better, but nevertheless, the language itself is still not loved, but is still a must.

1. Python

Now, to the undisputed, unchallengeable, unparalleled,… Ok that’s not true, but if you are going to be a programmer that will become or remain relevant between now and the near future, you can’t not learn Python. 

It is the current cream de la cream of programming languages, utilized in virtually all fields of programming such as: Desktop App Development, Mobile Development, Machine Learning, Embedded Systems, Web Development, Statistical Analysis, Data Analytics, you name it. It is currently the most popular programming languages being utilized today, and also being learnt. And one of the things it has going for it is that it is one of the easiest languages to learn. Though it also has a down side, that it can be slow while running, there are workarounds to increase its speed.

As a bonus, if you have any intention of becoming a web developer, whether a backend developer or front-end developer it is expected that in addition to any of these which can be used with the web, you learn HTML and CSS markup languages. Though they do not qualify to be programming languages, they are what are utilized in outlining the look of any website.

Thanks for reading. These are my recommended Top 10 programing languages to learn in 2022. Your comments will be appreciated in the comment section.

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